Case Study: My Experience With Tours

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Pointers for Selecting a Great Holiday Tour

There’s no such thing as the best holiday tour, but there is such a thing as the perfect one for you. Question: how can you tell if you’ve found it? There is a whole range of factors that you should consider when choosing a holiday tour, from itinerary to geography to accommodation to cost and all the rest.

If you’re a first-timer in terms of booking holiday tours and are in need of tips and other helpful information, here are some:

Watching Numbers

You’ve probably figured this out, but totally, there are advantages to touring with a small group, such as covering more sightseeing ground and booking unique locations that can’t accommodate bigger groups.

Staying Longer

Avoid itineraries that stop each night at a different hotel. You’ll exhaust yourself packing things each morning.


Know the hotels where the tour stays at each stop, and check if those hotels fit your travel style. If you enjoy exploring a new place all by yourself after hours, make sure the tour company books accommodations at the town or city centre.


Know which specific sights you want to see as some excursions will only drive by certain attractions or pause for photo ops rather than actually letting you explore. You don’t want to be heartbroken seeing that one bucket-list item from a bus window.

Restaurants and Bars

If you’re one for dining out, look for itineraries that offer custom dining experiences rather than the typical hotel buffets. Choose a tour that lets you dine at your preferred restaurants or even in the home of a local who fancies serving the local cuisine to tourists.

Making New Friends

You will spend a lot of time with other travelers on a tour, so before going on one, get a feel for the people – ages, nationalities, singles or couples, etc. – who are likely to sign up for the itinerary that you have picked for yourself. Of course, a tour would be so much more fun and unforgettable if you share it with potential friends.

Your Budget

How much a tour costs isn’t always equivalent to its quality, but without a doubt, you need to know what your costs will be. With some tours, you will be able to choose places that you want to go see, while others come with fixed destinations. Look into the mix of group time and you time as well – this can also affect your overall costs. Finally, make it a point to know every detail so you can avoid unexpected costs that can cause issues during the tour and even after.

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